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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Brand new in box with fiting instructions 12s are £160, 20S are £170. please call for any info Wayne o7766027324
  2. Chat
    Easy on the ears Bored & found this on youtube, what a fantasic way to cheer me up & like most of Gary Moore's tracks anyway :tup:
  3. Chat
    Sorry if you have seen this before
  4. Chat
    Just found this site, for a quick bit of fun:- Sorry it's only VWs unless anybody knows a rod or yank version. If only real car building was this easy.
  5. On Topic
    I was thinking about making one myself, like I did with my last car, but a bit of research turned up this bad boy: It's a landrover fuel tank, bog standard, bought new, straight from the dealer in Cannock. Cost was about £55. It holds ten gallons and has fittings for a standard Landy fuel...
  6. Chat
    Think up a 'Top 10', scour the internet for a couple of pictures and then write a bit of uninformed guff and collect your money. 1910: Cadillac Model 30 Yes, we all know about Ford's Model T, but the 1910 Cadillac Model...
1-6 of 6 Results