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    hey check this out seen it on ebay is it worth £495 for the engine ??? i looked at it and saw me using it as a daily van man haha why do i like it??? maybe just because it has DODGE :lol: 1980 DODGE COMMER VAN SPACEVAN NO TAX MOT PROJECT SPARES REPAIRS BARN FIND £495 | eBay
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    hi guys i came cross this read the descripton that he has wrote you will be and only be bidding on a picture not the car but all the info on the car is there crafty F:confused::confused:ker eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
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    OH MY GOSH ive never saw a moggie like this and is it strange that i want it :tup::tup::tup: 1960 Morris Tipper lorry, 6 cyl diesel. | eBay
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    just found this on ebay it so needs a v8 inside clasic car | eBay
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    If you've got the odd $549,000 to spare ...:shocked: Form an orderly queue please.
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    SOLD Jack
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    Seeing as theres a fair few threads asking about suitable chassis donors I've been looking around and came across a rolling Austin 16 chassis with V5 on EBay, item No. 120560922974. Not a bad start for £350. He seems to have other potential usefull bits & pieces including an Austin 8 chassis &...
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    Anyone looking for Aquaplane stuff for their Pop? Its nothing to do with me, but thought it might be of interest to someone? Depends on final price I guess...
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    Ok, it's not actually a Ford but a Plymouth but it would make an interesting family rod. 110520084111 I know this car, it is a project & not for the faint-hearted, but would be unique.
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    Is ebay getting worse?:?: Recently sold a Mini, no problems with the auction winner etc. While the car was on auction, must of had at least 20 or so people wanting to buy it now, so if I have 20 people so called willing to pay THATS WHY ITS ON THE AUCTION!!! why don,t they just bid on it?:grr...
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    Big Willie Robinsons Superbird... .
  12. Stuff - FOR SALE
    ford 9 inch brakes/discs/spool, shockers/dampers, torqueflite 727 upgrade kit, ford f150 rad etc, olds 324 rocket bearings, tomtom sat nav, dewalt tool carry bag, chrome window handles, copper tube in quantity and some cordless hilti tools etc. paste this in ebay 190384522872 then check...
  13. Chat oops. already been posted
  14. History Archive
    I took this pic of a PA in gold flake as a kid, maybe 30 years ago...just popped up on ebay!
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    nicked from xmembers have a laugh at this add:pmsl: still active on xmembers
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    just noticed ebay fees going up, o look, they're fleecing the motorist, not just the government then. "On 30 March, 2010 some of the fees for selling a vehicle on eBay Motors will be changing. Reserve fee If you choose to set a reserve price for your vehicle, the fee for doing this will...
  17. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    nothing to do with me, just seen it whilst "window shopping" Glenn
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    just wondered who built it?....:tup: i like it...:smoke: more here....
1-18 of 66 Results