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    Hi, The project I'm in the middle of is based on a BOB engine, gear box and wiring, and I'm trying to link a Corsa EPAS into the system. I've looked at all the wiring diagrams I can find, Ford Scorpio 1995+ and others but still struggling to find information, if you can help I would be very...
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    FAST XFI ecu - upgraded to 2.0 used at the track twice & dyno once, so as new condition. Comes with box, software, printed instruction manual, ECU with internal datalogging, power adder & boost control, wiring harness, 2 bar MAP sensor, TPS, water & air temp sensors, wideband NTK O2 sensor...
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  4. Tech Discussion
    Help. Any gearbox e c u experts out there ?. 96 Dodge 2500 van box in limp mode, Intermittent cruise control [turns on but sometimes don't turn off] engine runs OK, any ideas.................
1-4 of 4 Results