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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    TSP Pro Series Billet Electronic Distributor for Inline 6 [New in box] Sooo, here's the story...I installed it in my 1953 Chevy 216ci inline 6 thinking it was the correct application. Although it fired up immediately and purred nice and smooth I had no oil pressure. I shut her down quickly and...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Does anyone have a diagram or detailled advice on how to do this? Engine and ignition are from 2 litre Sierra and the module is flat black bakelite on an ally heatsink, it's a Motorcraft item with 6 pins. It's labelled 83BB 12A199 B3A. I never had the plug that goes with it so I made one up...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Hello everyone im in need of your brain cells again . i want a leccy dizzy for my 2ltr pinto (bosch dizzy ). yes its only a pinto but in my consul its a new lease of life .i know early sierra was a quick option ,but that type of dizzy i cant find and i dont fancy to much messing...
  4. Tech Discussion
    My mate has just given me 2 rover distributors for my v8 they are both 35d .now one has just got 2 wires that I take go to the coil. the other one has a flat box with 4 wires going in one end 2 wires coming out the same has lucas AAU 3988 marked on it is it an amp ? it has 3 terminals at...
  5. Tech Discussion
    who or where does an ignition kit for rover v8s.just something simple(I can cope with simple). my points are really pissing me off.tried wilco, cragmay,a t johnson.even went to halfords and they all say nooooo! cheers.
  6. Chat
    Hi all, Is anyone into designing electronic circuits? I need to make something fairly simple ( I would think? ) and although I am confident I could make it, I'm not sure what components to use! If anyone can help please mail me direct, [email protected] Not car related but it is 12Vdc! lol
  7. Tech Discussion
    Looks like I've blown the ESC module in my A ( quick backfire and now no spark) . I've spare points dizzy lying about but I'd prefer an electronic anything else available other than Pertronix as it appears they burn out if you leave the ignition on for more than 15 minutes.
1-7 of 7 Results