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  1. Tech Discussion
    hi guys i got a good one for you according to ford truck enthusiasts web site the ford explorer rear end 1989-01 is an 8.8" and 59" wide what i want to know is does the uk version have the same axle because if it does then i can get a cheap oe for my truck if not then time to save up for...
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    does anyone here stock these type of bush end from stock ? 91008052_L.jpg
  3. Tech Discussion
    Jaguar rear calipers needs bubble flare brake pipe ends to seal properly. I have been told two different ways to make these flares: 1. Buy a bubble flare tool. 2. Use the more common 45 degree inverted flare tool and skip the last operation (the one that inverts the flare). I have a good 45...
  4. On Topic
    hi every one just wonering whats a jag rear end worth roughly i know it depends on its condition etc but i havnt got a clue i could guess but again im not to sure how far or close i am guessing wise thanks charles
  5. On Topic
    Has anybody got any photo's they can post of model A's and T's that have been built with Sherpa front axles on them? Just trying to picture what they'd look like.
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    As per the title , brand new boxed pair of Moog outer tie rod ends for 58-64 Chevy , no longer needed as Mustang II r&p has been fitted ...Sold ... Thanks R'n'S for the ad .
  7. Chat
    Just seen in my local rag that Krispy Kreme at New Malden has its lease run out next year and the site is going to auction . Its estimated that the site is worth 1.7m (guide price),it will be sad if this goes as its great venue to the regular meets. Its a little known fact that the Cambridge...
  8. On Topic
    Drop tube, I-beam etc, etc...... I appreciate that there are a number of dealers that sell high quality kits that cater for any amount of drop, width, brakes etc, etc. However, the cost is restrictive. Is there anything "British" and readily available over here? It must be able to be...
  9. Stuff - FOR SALE
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Appliance 5spoke 10x15 jag/chev £45.00 Ford pop front & rear axles,pedels.wheels &front crossmember.£70.00 bonnet tatty £25.00 grills x2 £15/£25.tatty. doors been repaired some time ago £30.00 the pair. pop rolling...
  10. Tech Discussion
    Any body know of a match for Mustang Mk2 track rod ends ? taper at spindle end im after not worried about rack as im using Mk2 Escort (rhd) so I have to make adapter any way.
  11. Freebies
    these are as straight as a die no rust or dents, the chrome on one is ok but the other is pitted and peeling, they both ideally need replating so here they are free to collector, if you want them posted then i reckon about £10.00 would cover them as they are heavy, these are original ends not...
1-11 of 11 Results