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    my coupe on ebay
  2. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Feel free to check this out on fleabay, not long finished it and need to get rid to finance the next project! Its a shame to see it go, i'd love to have...
  3. Chat
    YouTube- HG18 Goggomobil Radial Car at Rotenburg Race Days 2009 A bit rich? YouTube- Babs at Brooklands Centenary 2007 YouTube- 1929 Napier Bentley Hill Climb at Brooklands The 'Governor' YouTube- The Beast day out 17 05 09 part 1 cut Eat your heart out Marc! YouTube- Merlin V12 Powered 55 Chevy...
  4. Chat
    A couple of years ago there was footage of a 60s built Aero engined ford pop, , anybody remember??? or better, a link to the vids.
  5. The Garage
    Hi All, Just a quick peek at what has me scratching my head at the moment. :smoke: '54 VW pick up which has had ist chassis replaced with box by the previous owner. Would have been fine, except he didnt seem to know how to measure..... :shake: So, captain Makita comes out to play, and this is...
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    MMMMMM...:D:D:D...DRIBBLE DRIBBLE...:tup::tup::tup:
  7. On Topic
    Ok Kev, how do you think he registered this? I think its amazing - the guy is very talented. Not sure about the rims though - he ciould have donked it by going for 13s. YouTube - Radial Engine Powered Goggomobil
1-7 of 7 Results