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    Question 1? How much does a house weigh? Question 2? How much weight can a country lane wooden bridge hold??? and Question 3? WOULD THIS BE COVERED BY HOME INSURANCE, CAR INSURANCE, OR DOES IT COME UNDER ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE ???
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    prompted by an advert in the classifieds, i started chuckling in my usual juvenile way about certain engineering terms we have already got flange and gusset in the advert, any others? (please keep it cleanish, or off to the adult area we go lmao!!)
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    Anyone got the phone number or have they stopped trading in Churchdown / Gloucester? Have since discovered they are called county eng. Still cannot find a phone number for them. Anybody?
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  5. What, Where, When ?
    power engineering are having a charity day in uxbridge on 24th april from 12 midday there will be drag displays, dyno power runs, show and shine , bbq and raffle!! all proceeds taken from bbq and raffle will be going to the teenage cancer trust:tup: all cars welcome to show up and shine on...
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    Creeping closer inch by inch - 900 ft above the mighty Colorado River - the two sides of a $160 million bridge at the Hoover Dam in America slowly take shape. The bridge will carry a new section of US Route 93 past the bottleneck of the old road which can be seen twisting and winding around and...
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    Anybody used Pro-street Engineering & Racing of East Sussex ? They do race engines, chassis work ect ?
1-8 of 8 Results