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    Stupid question I know, as if you didnt you wouldnt be reading this. But, the reason I asked is I had a mail about renewing my donation. I thought what can I get for £5 24/7 that I can talk about what I want, even sell what I want... Ok I am not a stalker, but just thought that if everyone...
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    ...installing Teflon valve stem seals? Getting these friggin' tight little bastards on without damaging anything must be the worst job in the world! Does anyone do this for a living? Do you enjoy it? I only had to do four of 'em this time (V-twin motor) but that stupid little plastic guide...
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    Dont think its been posted but i could be wrong :tup:
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    Yep ? In that case, how about putting up a banner or link on your website for us ? A good way to spread the word and show others this place. If you're interested then please use the html code in the following boxes (If you leave the image hosted on the RnS server then not only will it save...
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    Enjoy this boys 'n girls,,,,,, and
1-6 of 6 Results