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    Just bought some bends to do my Exhaust bloody great service Anyone looking for good quality bends in all sizes give "Barry the Bender" a ring great service good quality bends all sizes and shapes to your requirements. Barry "The Bender" Grimes 07917383654 :tup::tup::tup: Stu
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    wanted a pair of collector gaskets where the header meets the exhaust for a 305ci chevy please. 3 1nch inner diameter 3 1/2 inch hole centre to hole centre for bolts Jack
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    not really for sale but free as long as you make a bit of a donation to the site . pair of bbc exhaust gaskets to fit bbc , been on top of my box for ages but unused . felpro part no MS90206 . rob
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    Hi All, I want to fit new headers & dual exhaust system to my '66 but I cannot do the work myself (disabled) Does anyone know of a Yank friendly company in Beds/Herts/Bucks that could do the work:?:
  5. Tech Discussion
    Looking for tips for building a simple, budget system for my truck. It’s got a 350 with ram-horn type manifolds, but nothing beyond that. I have zero equipment (or talent) for bending/welding, so can I collect parts off the shelf to cut/join/etc to suit (without resorting to that flexi stuff)...
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    any body got a box of mild steel exhaust bends sitting in the back of the garage ? 2.25 would be good . also some end flanges and blanking plates for turn outs rob
  7. Tech Discussion
    Can anyone recommend a spray for my headers? I've used Hycote VHT aluminium spray on them previously and baked them in the oven as advised but it started flaking within a few months. Cheers
  8. Tech Discussion
    anyone know if fitting baffles like this makes much diff when fitted to lake style headers? the trumpets will only be fed by 2 pots per side being a V4!
  9. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Saw this ad in my local free paper, Ford Classic or Capri stainless exhaust £50 don't know any more than that. Telephone 01634 272563
  10. Stuff - WANTED
    in desperate need of 1 inlet and 1 exhaust valve for a 365 / 390 cadillac v8 so i can finish putting my engine back together . anyone help ???
  11. Stuff - FOR SALE
    empi 4 tip exhaust.bought new for car put it on didnt like it didnt even start car.took it of and it as been shed.£20.00 ono or swap anything
  12. Tech Discussion
    Does anyone know how to split a downpipe from the exhaust manifold, after it has more or less rusted and welded itself to the manifold? We don't really want to whack it too hard with a hammer for fear of cracking the cast iron manifold. The only possible solution we can think of is to saw the...
  13. Tech Discussion
    does anyone know where i could get a set of exhaust flanges for a cologne 2.9 (3 port heads) v6 made up
  14. Stuff - WANTED
    im in serious need of some exhuast wrap for the drags,if anyone could get any to the drags that would be great let me know :)
  15. Tech Discussion
    anyone know of any companies or persons who can make tubeular headers from scratch? ideally in somerset or the south west area? cheers Arran
  16. Tech Discussion
    Hi guys i need a one off exhaust made for the consul and was wondering if anyone knew of anyone they would recommend to do the job and at a reasonable price i want a single functinal lake pipe in stainless any help would be much appreciated:D
  17. Tech Discussion
    I am looking into getting a system folded up for my challenger,I have been looking around and there don't seem to be many companys out there now.Anyone got any leads to find someone in the surrey area to do it:incheek: On another note any recommendations for leaf spring retempering as well as...
  18. Stuff - WANTED
    Any one got a 318 cast standard exhaust manifold suitable for my 1968 Plymouth Fury III ? Specifically the right hand side (when standing at the front facing the engine ;-) ) - Mine has developed a nasty crack which is only getting bigger. I'm down in Brighton. So can collect from around the...
  19. On Topic
    Best type??? After several grueling trips to the end of the drive & back & a couple of mamoth voyages round the block, one of the manifold gaskets started blowing. The manifolds are cast rams-horn type and are flat. The gasket was an el-cheapo swap-meet buy. I don't want to be doing this...
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