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    I bought a pair of these while in the States, just picked up the car after fitting, wow what fun :D Pretty impressed with the build quality on these, CNC'd from billet, they are from Pypes over here: They come with a nice rocker switch that...
  2. Tech Discussion
    I have a friend with a Kawasaki with it's original 1980's exhaust system. One of the boxes has a couple of small holes, probably the result of being scraped on a curb rather than corrosion from the inside. I assume the system is chrome plated mild steel. What is the best method to repair, TIG...
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    Anywhere in the UK sell bellflower exhaust tips? Thanks :)
  4. Tech Discussion
    Can anyone recommend someone to do an exhaust system in stainless for my 2 litre Pinto 100e near Chester?