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  1. Who are ya ??
    Hi Rods n Sods Members, We are specialists in Ceramic coating exhausts and thermally sensitive components to help reduce heat issues and aid in improving performance. If you have a question about the product, the service or the benefits of ceramic coating, please contact us.
  2. Tech Features
    Just like to share how i fabricated the headers for my fairlane. i even fabricated the "donuts" to make any degree bend i wanted. the radius of these bends cannot be formed on any mandrel bender. the donuts are spun on a series of formers i machined.The inner diameter of the donut is 12mm!
  3. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    Classic Custom Fabrications - All fabrication work & Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems classic custom fabrications - Flash Intro Hello everyone on R n S. Classic Custom Fabrications are based in Sibthorpe, Newark, Nottingham. We have many years experience in custom fabrication work on all...
  4. Tech Discussion
    Hi, Can anyone tell me where is can get an exhaust system that has the flaps that you can adjust so that they are street safe but can be opened up if you want to make a statement! And can they be fitted to a Rover V8?
  5. On Topic
    I found a place in waltham abbey (essex) that has a proper bending machine for exhausts, they made some bits up for me last week in stainless, very good service and decent prices. Just incase anyone is interested?? And no i dont work there.... Abbey motor centre
  6. Tech Discussion
    Now I'll start by admiting that this is a subject I've never had to bother with and so my knowledge of what makes a quiet exhaust is poor, however, I need to make up some slip on silencers, to reduce the noise of a big block, roller cammed race motor on open header so I can run the car at home...
1-6 of 7 Results