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    On another site I use that has members all over the world. Someone started a thread asking what can you buy for $1. From the replies that came in it would seem that we here in blighty pay the most by far. Just wondering if fuel is more expensive elsewhere.
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    So...Deb's Camaro knackered it's motor at the Thunderball. While the motor's out we figured it was worth changing the trans as it's an unknown quantity. In a flash of brilliance we decided my coupe could give up it's newish B&M Streetfighter...after all it's low mileage and never been abused...
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    Anyone else get caught out by the signed Jimmy Shine poster at the Supernats?? 25 quid - to late to say you didnt want it after he'd put my sons name on it - - - - another Hot Rod Rip Off :wanker:
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    Not happy:tdown: Went to Drayton last week, after driving through the woods several times, the engine bay was covered in thick brown dust pulled up by the mechanical engine fan, got out the jet wash to rinse the dust off from a distance, done it plenty of times over the years, fired the motor...
1-4 of 5 Results