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  1. Tech Discussion
    We're having problems getting the one in the van running good. Engine was built by Oselli Engineering about 25 years ago but has only done about 500 miles since then. I have recently fitted a new facet solid state pump, leads, points etc, and yesterday fitted a brand new 38dgas carb and...
  2. Tech Discussion
    I'm currently hunting down a jag front clip to install in a 50's pickup and have got all confused with what years and models are the ones to go for. I'd been looking for a Series 1 or 2 XJ6/12 or Daimler equivalent. I've now spoken to 2 breakers who say the Series 1 is different to the...
  3. On Topic
    I have to pull the head on one of these. It is a nice restored example, and obviously the owner would like to get it back in the same condition. I have no experience with "foreign" cars, so can any one tell me if the hose clamps pictured are... A] Still available anywhere? B] Reusable? C] What...
  4. Chat
    I currently have a company car, leased for me by my company. I pay for all fuel and claim back any business miles at the government rate (11 pence per mile at the minute I think). My car is up for renewal at the minute & because my annual mileage has dropped from 35,000 to around 22,000 I'm...
  5. Tech Discussion
    I want to build a 3.9 hi comp engine for a daily driver , manual gearbox probably std. camshaft. What way would you go- 390 Holley or Rover Fuel Injection? With the ever rising cost of fuel I need something not too thirsty.
  6. Chat
    I re-tuned my freeview box on wednesday (Granada/ north west region) and since then I'm getting Welsh region BBC1 and 2. I tried just re-setting everything again but it's still the same. Does anybody know how I can get the Beeb channels for the right region? The ITV channel is OK. The freeview...
  7. On Topic
    ive got a 1971 yamaha enduro 360 single, brought as a non running project. when fitted with the right plug (have tried a few) i have problems starting it, i tried a shorter reach plug from a bsa bantam, and it starts with no problems, anyone with any ideas. thanks steve
  8. Tech Discussion
    Now that I have my Oldsmobile back up and running, and MOT'd, I'm just getting over the shock of it all and looking at the other problems the poor old car has. The carb on the 425" big block is a Holley 600 which is obviously a little small for the capacity, even allowing for the fact...
1-8 of 8 Results