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    Going to go to the Bedford Ouse Cruise on Sunday, via Market Harborough and the A6, anyone fancy a trip out??? Meet up somewhere on the way, or if you are in Leicester, my house at about 11-30...?? The cruise is at the Embankment pub in the centre of Bedford, starts at 1pm... Guy :tup:
  2. Chat
    Saw this in a well known store & thought of some of you guys out there, go on don't be shy they sell it by the case load, i'm not into in at all :puke: :lol:
  3. What, Where, When ?
    Hi had an idea for some time that i think could be a nice easy way to enjoy our sport Rodding, i was one of the early members of Surrey Street back in 1973 we used to meet up all ten of us for a chat and a drink.(good old days) Yes we orginised events but not under obligation if you were there...
  4. On Topic
    Tragic news , dread to think of the damage done but at least nobody was seriously injured according to latest reports . "High winds shred tents at Russo-Steele car auction in Scottsdale"
  5. Chat
    Thought we'd have a bit of a garage sale on Sunday 10am-1pm. If you have anything you want to bring along to sell, feel free. We've got a couple of truck projects, few engines, early Ford chassis, Dodge parts, couple of pick up beds, Moggi coupe ..... Come & have a look or just come for a coffee...
  6. On Topic
    Fancy these? All for sale at the minute, if the Credit Crunch hasn't gat ya, ranging from $2.5---$275k! So if the euronumbers come up this week which would you have?
  7. Chat
    The latest craze to hit the West Coast. The blurb goes as follows... There are seven of these little monsters floating around California, and they're all the creation of one man, Tom Wright, a builder on the outskirts of San Diego who figured the leftovers of the Long Beach Pike amusement park...
  8. Chat
    ...should buff right out
  9. Chat
    Press Ganged by swarthy looking types down by the harbour... okay Krispies... might be too strong a word for it... lets say 'volunteered' to organise a Christmas Bash for us lot! So here goes: What we have in mind is a night out with good food, good ale and good entertainment... but mostly...
  10. Chat
    Check out some of the videos on this site :D A mile long deathslide :eek: Ohh Yeah :D
  11. Chat
    The laid back approach to a Christmas decoration competition :D
  12. On Topic
    On this old beat-up Nova?..... nothing special about this?..... couple of bolt on traction bars?..... cant be that quick? lets look inside..... column shift car, nice bench seat and steering wheel cover, hang on a minute..... is that a harness buckle on the seat and a couple of door...
  13. Chat
    A mate in the States just sent me this - it was evidently built in Wilmington, Calif in '51 Still has the Caddy flat motor and three speed tranny. Motor is stuck and heads are off! If anyone is really interested I'll chase him for more pics! Looks pretty neat to me!
  14. Chat
    Been invited to this there should be a Union Jack on the page that will translate to english basically it's a posh car do at the Circuit De Reims...pre war cars get in for nowt and get 2x 20 mins slots on the track on both Sat and 4 chances to thrash round...
  15. Tech Discussion
    As the title says really . I always have trouble with the workpiece warping all out of shape and setting things up to stay in position , e.g. after cutting mitres on brass angle what's the best way to hold it in position while you solder it etc . Cheers, Ron
1-15 of 15 Results