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    Well, not everyone, just those that chose to have stuff posted. In fact, even more specifically to those who don't read what's on the page ;) I've had a few requests through recently about orders from the shop i.e. I've not had my stuff through yet. On the forum posts on here, the checkout...
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    the mail addy you gave me doesn't work mate. Please mail me on [email protected] and i can reply to it..:tup:
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    Cheers for the plug in Custom Car :tup: Woohoo, our first mention in print :D
  4. On Topic
    Hi , I`ve been asked by a couple of guys from the Gloster bunch to see last months (June) foto`s. . . .and as I can`t find the original post, I thought I`d nail `em on here again for your enjoyment. .. :shock:[/SIZE]
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    :bigsmile:Just a big thumbs up to you for giving me the tickets. You probably don't want to know but it was one of if not the best meets for a long time. Broken records all over the place sub 5 second passes 300+mph scattered about. Thanks once again I owe you one big time:bigsmile:
1-5 of 5 Results