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  1. Chat
    I know there's been some fab detail work done over the years - long since forgotten in my hazy memory. But the most recent ones stuck in my mind are... The hand made bumpers on Dave Rothwells Standard Pics John Colley And the subtle message on the reg plates on Alan Werell's 55 Pics Mike...
  2. Chat
    Just curious when you were all kids what sweets do you remember liking. or if you go into one of those sweet shops and i used to love them and them,you get the are a couple to start blackjacks. fruit salads. highland toffee. spangles. sweet tobacco. kop kops. sherbert pips...
  3. On Topic
    whats your favourite road or place on that road ie A406 ace cafe ? For me you will have to go back 40 years .the OLD A12 from Chelmsford to Hatfield peveral ,the old petrol pumps at tiny garages the thathed cottage that sold teas and egg & bacon pie .and the long gone country pubs all left...
  4. Chat
    mine is travelling all the way down to old warden with the dog barking and the wife moaning most of the way (from Scotland) to arrive at the hotel with the sound of v8s running up and down the road....ahhh
  5. Chat
    I'm just eating a multi-grain sarney with left over HOT chilli sauce, bootiful.
  6. Cool Thread Archive
    Hi guys - snow - cant work = Thinking Got thinking about some of my favourite lines from films. One is from the icon American Graffiti where Curt ( Richard Dreyfuss) is caught by the Pharohs sitting on the Merc. He goes to get off and walk away when Joe ( Bo Hopkins) says: Joe 'Hey Where ya...
  7. Chat
    I'll start. Thrashing round the Foxhall Stadium and being fastest car for a little while!!
  8. On Topic
    What were peoples favourite cars at the Hayride?
1-8 of 8 Results