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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    Looking for a steering box for my FED project, anything suitable about?
  2. Chat
    Bollox to this Volcano! I should be in the States by now.
  3. On Topic
    You might say a chip off the old block :incheek: .:smoke:
  4. Chat
    Yes i am a newbie but been in Rodding for well 1969 some time, Just looked at Garage scene on here at My Thames 300e Van, yes im pissed off at mo recovering from a fractured neck,(long repair) but i personaly feel inspired by this guy, Please take a look at what he has undertaken. Afterwards i...
  5. Tech Discussion
    fitted a replacement gm400 in the daimler at xmas time,got it sat on the mounts and left it at that.just gone down the barn today to box it up fill with fluids etc.motor wont turn over,had a big screwy in the flywheel and broke the end off,got another screwy and after much agro and cursing got...
  6. Chat
    Then download rage against machine and get them to number one for crimbo! - Read all about it on the facebook page below! - the plan is to get them to number one and knock the X factor tosh off the top spot!!! excellent - but you gotta download it before the 19th from one of the suppliers on...
  7. Stuff - FOR SALE
    ideal for spraying 2K or other catalysed products, this is a full hood Willson respirator (air fed mask). it is brand new, boxed and complete. I might also have a spare filter for it as well which is included if I can find it. £75 for this is a bargain. I'm in Nottingham, you can collect or...
1-7 of 7 Results