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    Glad to say that the Ditch Finder General is nearly complete after the quick tidy up I started 20 months ago...... Trouble is all of the work done is not really visible, so was thinking about throwing some paint on the roof to give make it look a bit different. Moon disks have gone, White...
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    You wouldnt loose this in hurry, but it would be great to use....
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    Took the Zodiac for it's MOT & done a 70 mile round trip, the stange feeling was driving with 3 speed column change, I haven't driven a car with column change since the early seventies, the old mk1 cortina days :lol: Really took me some time to get used to when to change gear, after around 6mile...
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    At the moment I'm really feeling 1930's style rods. Have an early T built like they were way back when: It's got a 1926 engine with .030" overbore, aluminum pistons and lightened flywheel. Here's a video of it running: Damn I love the sound of old...
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    This is an interesting website covering all aspects of industry in Britain up to the 1960's.
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1-6 of 6 Results