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  1. Tech Discussion
    Ok, got a pull today for no fenders and 14 days to fit them. I'm going to need some cycle fenders. I'm a bit shonky on Google and I've not found any, so does anyone know where to get them from? I'm running 19" wires so they'll need to be a fair diameter and reasonably skinny. Fitting them...
  2. The Showroom
    Here's some pics of my heavily modified model Y rod. full scratch built chassis front beam steering , Rover3.5, with a holley and a big cam.
  3. On Topic
    hi, anyone got any pics of fenderless rods with big rims, 16's,17's,18's. not ya donk rims:shake: like this. cheers.
  4. On Topic
    I know this has been asked on another forum. But what is the very WORST case scenario running fenderless????? So many cool looking rides out there and they do not seem to have much hassle from the boys in blue
  5. On Topic
    If i was stopped by the police in my rod which will be fendeless Is it true that you could be prosecuted for 3 points a wheel which for a totally fenderless car would mean losing your licence. Is there anybody out that have had this problem?
1-5 of 5 Results