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    I found this web site that i fought you would like to see. It brang a tear to my eye. Its one of my dream cars to own
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    Does anyone in the south east have a crappy looking OTT Boy racer hatchback we could hire? Need 2 for a TV commercial within the next 12 days. Please PM me, or post pics or call me on 07973 400245 Cheers, Stew
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    Required for filming in london tommorrow night 6 til 10 terminator style Milton 07973400327
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    Does anyone have a stocker they'd hire out or sell? Please PM me or call 07973 400245 Cheers, Stew
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    We need a 1962 Cadillac Coupe de Ville like the one in the TV show Mad Men Filming is first week of June Does anyone have/know of one? A 61 coupe might also work! It is a paying job! Please PM or phone me on 07973 400245 Cheers, Stew
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    We need a red, left hand drive Italian convertible/spider for a shoot early next week (monday) The ideal would be a 'Graduate' type Alpha. Its a paying job - might be up to 4 days! Any help/pointers much appreciated! PM, phone or email me: stewart(at) using @ for (at) 07973...
1-6 of 6 Results