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    Hi all I love going to car shows but having a splitscreen have really only attended VW events, I'd like to broaden my horizon, see the light so to speak and start attending custom and hotrod shows. Where do you find the lists for them in your area? My youngest Son loves cars and photography...
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    I've been fruitlessly searching for a particular thread as I need to find some info I know is in it. The thread I'm looking for is the one about the Atlas Editions bus that was sent out to whoever it was that didn't order it. Can anyone help?
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    In 1940 VIN *30231403* was built by proud American workers in Detroit, Michigan, one of 84,976 Dodge D-14 DeLuxe four-door sedans manufactured in that year. A veterinarian from Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, purchased the blue Dodge new at the local Dodge dealer in Boise. He used it to respond to calls...
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    Just found these and found them interesting
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    Any ideas on how ya can find a car ya once owned? I used to have a 1955 Chevy, CSK 542. I was the second owner! It was the most reliable car i ever owned. I had to sell it about 18yrs ago and always wondered what became of it.The kid that bought it off me didnt leave any contact numbers. If...
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    ......facebook ? only ask as it a good way to promote the site ;);)
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    :sniff::sniff::sniff: :sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff:
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    While doing a bit of research about the extra displacment gained for a +30 rebore i found this on a site foe push bikes so thought id post it Do their figures work out correct ????
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    there was a thread recently about car related films (two lane blacktop,vanishing point etc).i just cant seem to find it.anyone know where it is?:?:
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    Today I finally got the part for my car which has taken more than 2 years to locate. I am one very happy bunny now, anyone that has ever restored a classic car will appreciate the importance of locating the correct parts, in the case of my car there was one part which is extremely rare and that...
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    I am looking for any recommendations for a garage that can fine tune a chevy with a elderbrock dual quad set up.Thanks for your Help
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    Been watching this gradually return to mother earth over the last few years , have stopped by loadsa times , left notes , but no reply`s , house now for sale so am trying to persuade estate agents that I can save them money by taking whats left away ! last taxed 1991 , rumour has it that it had...
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    This is the car that was found in storage with a 427 Galaxie... the guy must've been a serious speed freak importing a 2 year old Yenko Camaro :smoke:
1-15 of 15 Results