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    With the amount of people who are going to the swap meet, some will know others and some wont How are we going to tell who is who? Ive got stuff to part company with and stuff to pick up so unless you see me in my car and you scream at me i have no idea (brain like a sieve) who im looking...
  2. Chat
    i love all those pictures people take when on hoilday in usa of old cars in barns or fields can we start up this , lets see those pictures , any 5 window 32 been found , i remember years ago a vw combi van with a tree growing out the roof wished i had a picture of that, so dig out the barn...
  3. On Topic
    wish i found this on my property............ possibly a repost but still
  4. On Topic
    Cars/Bikes/Parts etc (genuine finds) My three best have to be... 1941 Plymouth Convertible One (Lord) owner from new, had all documentation including original sales receipts, factory sales pack, every MOT, shipping docs etc etc... (late 70s), bought for £250! 1968 Charger Found in...
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    Just lookin over on the HAMB, lookin at a lads car find but on the 3rd page half way down look how much stuff he gets FOR FREE N ALL!! Has any found stuff like this over? Or even in the states and brought it on home with u?
1-5 of 5 Results