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  1. Tech Discussion
    hi everyone i was just wondering what other options iv got gearbox wise to fit to my 3.5 V8 the engine came from an SD1 auto, i want to get an auto box for it as it didnt come with one, obviously i know the usual boxes that were used on the rover V8s borg warners etc the reason i ask is that...
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    what have you got? i'm looking for a pair of viva fit wheels!
  3. Tech Discussion
    Im having trouble finding how to get the steering right on my T. Ive got a pair of steering arms on the bottom and a hoop at the top of my spindels that will have a bar coming from the steering box. The big problem is my car is having coilovers on and they sit right in the middle of where my...
  4. Tech Discussion
    just picked up a ford pilot front beam complete with spindles & drums but no brake innerds :tdown: , i want to fit some different brakes to it as the pilot stuff is pretty pricey and the pcd is massive ! anyone know what brakes will fit onto the spindles without too much hassle and doesnt cost...
  5. Tech Discussion
    So when fitting new gaskets do you fit them dry or smear a thin layer of sealant of your choice on the heads and cover first ? I'm just fitting new gaskets to a Rover V8 and was going to use a little blue hylamar to seat the gasket in place, before fitting the cover. Good idea or bad idea ...
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    i'm after a moon or grant steering wheel or similar to fit a mk2 consul/zephyr/zodiac. what you got? cheers, neil. 07718 339011.
  7. Stuff - WANTED
    Decided not to fit crossflow into minor.Now looking for 1275 ital/marina engine and box.Nearer to Portsmouth the better.
  8. Stuff - WANTED
    Slot mags wanted to fit Scimitar/Mgb PCD 14/15 inch diameter preferably at least 8 inches wide.
  9. Tech Discussion
    Hi all, I'm intending on fitting some 15x4 Hillman Minx wheels (when I can source them) to my Prefect and would like to know the maximum tyre width I can safely get away with. I've noticed at shows that a lot of people are using Minx wheels and some literally have their tyres ballooning off the...
  10. Stuff - FOR SALE
    got a set of 4 of these. 13x8, 4x108. ET is big, -14 or something, would have to check. 8s are obiously much rarer than the narrower sizes. fronts have nigh on brand new 205/50R13 dunlop SP sport 9000s, rear some nearly worn out cheapo 205/60s. all the lips have been recut and polished, all...
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    wanted electric wiper motor to fit 1950 chevy styleline or a motor that goes side to side not round and round e,mail [email protected] chears TIM
  12. The Garage
    I have been working on and occuping myself with this for the past seven months, although working on the body for the past two. It is a Reliant Kiten chassis with a Pop front axle and Triumph Spitfire front brakes (and rims when I can find a pair for sale somewhere!). The rear axle and the engine...
  13. Tech Features
    Blagged from a 50's car magazine!
  14. Tech Discussion
    on a model y it had a large opening in the roof wich i filled in and now i need to stick a piece of vinyl on the top of the roof..i take i glue it on ..what do i do about the edges,is there a trim i can fit around it.:?:what glue do i use?
  15. Chat
    what kind of rodder are you? the kind that has a nice clean garage/shed with all your gear in its correct place..... :bigsmile: or the kind of person that has tools allover, knee deep in car parts grinding dust and wet oil patches on the floor :shake: well i fit into the second section! but...
1-15 of 15 Results