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  1. Tech Discussion
    hi all i have a oil cooler on me moggie been on there for 1yr no problems so just wanna help anyone else out and put my mind in peace haha is there a right way to mount them EG with the pipes at the top so the cooler always has oil in with pipes at the bottom so it drains it ..... pipes at...
  2. Tech Discussion
    I know hot rodding is not insert tab A in slot B but.... Bit of back ground. Small block Chevy with an Edelbrock Performer Air Gap Manifold and PML Ally Corvette rocker covers. Well, the rocker covers do not fit. By not fit I mean the inlet manifold side fouls against the manifold runners...
  3. Tech Discussion
    So when fitting new gaskets do you fit them dry or smear a thin layer of sealant of your choice on the heads and cover first ? I'm just fitting new gaskets to a Rover V8 and was going to use a little blue hylamar to seat the gasket in place, before fitting the cover. Good idea or bad idea ...
  4. Tech Discussion
    Right im after bagging the back of my merc, lack of funds means im going to have to tackle this one myself, Right so all the interiors out and im getting ready to cut the floor out. once thats out i can get on measuring up for the c notch, and the 4 bar brackets. im planning on getting the 4...
  5. Tech Discussion
    :shake: Just wondering if anyone could give me some information about fitting a Jag back axle into my Ford Pop. When mounting it, do you centre the diff in the frame, which then leaves the drive shaft at an angle to the gearbox - or do you offset the axle? Cheers!
  6. Tech Discussion
    Just about to weld the mounts into my chassis (Ford Pop) to suit a 350 small block chevy. Does anyone know if the engine has to lie at an angle or should it lie straight? Cheers! :shake:
  7. Tech Discussion
    ive seen the volvo conversion on the nsra site, anyone know another option to get discs onto a pop beem?
  8. Stuff - WANTED
    a pair please 0774 858 2044
  9. Stuff - FOR SALE
    as new 225 tyres -low profile £200 brand new vag master cyclinder £30 porsche 944 front hubs and calipers £100 944 turbo front hubs £100 -will fit vw van spindles, as have been modified 965 porsche 964 turbo discs udes £60 - 322mm 996 rear discs used £30 2 litre subaru engine £200...
1-9 of 9 Results