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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Hello, I have a full set of Amazon floor pans front and back (four in total). Pressed Finish, Unused, Perfect condition and high quality steel. Reason for selling - I had a custom Volvo Amazon so bought these floor pans from Brook House Classic Car Parts and sold the car before I had the...
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Part of a project shell, selling for parts only. Lots of good panels can be taken from this partial shell. Everything from the 'B' pillars back is in pretty good condition, even the paint looks good bar some small dinks in the rear wings where something in the boot has touched the inside of...
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    5 litre tins in light grey. i've got a few of these left over. £15 each. It's a light grey colour floor paint suitable for garages. Not really suitable for industrial or commercial use, but good enough for a home garage. Collection from Peterborough. Here is some modelled in my garage:
  4. Stuff - WANTED
    Anybody got any Tri-five floor braces or brace end repair sections surplus to requirements, or any dealers got them in stock?
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    any body got any floor pans for a 210 post and a passenger rear quarter for the same
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    The first one is off a riley rm, but needs re laquering £30 This is a model y one which is complete with column and steering box which also needs laquering £40, i can post the wheels alone for cost of postage. Also 3 2.5 litre tins of floor paint which are new and unopened, 2 are dark blue...
  7. Tech Discussion
    OK, two questions really. The first is that for my Austin A35 bodyshell, I have cut the entire floor, half the arches, boot and bulkhead(s) out, so it is totally gutted out. The floor is going to be made from sheet metal and attched 4 inches higher up, but what is the best way of attching it? I...
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
    floor standing pillar drill, 240 volt (plug in normal socket) industrial unit (not cheap DIY) holds drills up to 12mm (but has power to drill larger) motor was rebuilt and has done about 30 hours work (only usde to notch the tubes on my chassis). not needed as i now have a bigger one:D only...
  9. Tech Discussion
    Very soon I need to chop out the bottom of our 100e ready to drop it onto the new chassis. What would be your method of choice to remove the original floor section and chassis from the E, angle grinder, sawzall, oxy acetelyne...?
  10. Tech Discussion
    I am going to have my floor frame welded in the next few days, but I was wondering if it is OK to have it welded to the chassis. Browsing the HAMB, I have only really seen them welded to the body. Is it fine to weld to the chassis? Pictures:
  11. On Topic
    For the last two days I have been making this floor frame to fit on the Kitten chassis for when the time comes to put the A35 bodyshell on with the new floor I will make from sheet. I won't get it MIG welded to the chassis until I am ready with the Austin body shell to go onto the chassis...
  12. Chat
    looking to repaint the garage floor any recomendations for a good quality paint .. thanks steve
  13. Stuff - FOR SALE
    N,O,S , Mr Gasket ( Pt No:7667 ), pick-up truck , 3 speed MANUAL column to floor shift conversion , fits all MANUAL column shifted : 55-86 chevy/gmc p/ups , 55-70 dodge p/ups , 55-86 ford p/ups , brand new , never fitted , n.o.s conversion : includes KOOL 18" CHROME FLOOR SHIFTER , black nob...
1-13 of 13 Results