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    Martin After a long & exhaustive search of all the cctv cameras at North Weald, think we found who caused ya bonnet damage. :shock: Told ya not to park near the burger van ! :pmsl:
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    SOLD Jack
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    remember street machine doing a feature on the build ,beens stood 5 yrs ,looks sad needs saving If anyone needs it collecting i will help just pay me fuel and a drink...
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    Didn't work..... How do you load You Tube on here ?????????
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    Ratrods, i've always liked ratrods, so here's a few i've found whilst surfing.:tup: Electric ratrod?????????????? Feel free to add more.:tup::tup:
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    :pmsl: .....Models which my son Paul built, and won Junior Small Talk Champ at the Hot Rod Supernationals in 1995/6 1) Jag engined Altered 2) Street Mod/Super Gas Plymouth Fifteen years on and he is an Engineer working for the Nuclear Industry in France. .....we are NOT playing with...
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    got the models out for englishedsel today and found these in the loft dont know how old they are.. cant even remember how i got them (must be an age thing before you all start :lol::lol::lol:) hope your happy with your models chris.. steve just
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    Hi All We have just had a report that a camera chip was found at Beaulieu during our show. It contains several old Black and White and photos which could carry a lot of sentimental memories for someone. Is it yours? Do you know anyone who has lost this? If you think you are, or know who it...
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    like the bit from 4:07 into it....and i had jez (club member in it with me, hes 6'5"......TOAD
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    I dont mind a bit of playstation ect, who's found a game that features 'your car' ? On playstation 2, Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition,it has a 57 Chevy :tup: You can modify it with a 55 or 56 front, but not the back :beuj:Has quite a few muscle cars too. Shame all the racings in the bloody dark ...
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    just stumbled across these galleries of pics from CC shows and the Drags from the 70s well worth a look :bigsmile: There's an interesting shot of Moondust fitted with fake injection and even Ken's '55 is there. Also parked up with...
1-14 of 14 Results