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    did you have a cb radio in the late 70s . the illegal am ones.would you like to find old c'bers ? maybe you could leave a message here with your handle and your area and note to find them.? any one remember channel 10 club .,beach breakers. zulu's ?? in east london E17 / Essex borders:beuj:
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    It was great seeing you and Sue yesterday Rog' (SG57) and cheers for the boat trip. In fact, thanks for a wonderful day all round. Top Geezer. We'll try not to leave it so long next time. Let's talk further on the 66 Caprice and 68 'Stang when we're both back in England. All the very best...
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    a builder called fred, ex norfolk, had a 48 beetle, beach buggy pick-up,and was building a model y, when i last saw him, think he moved north? :?:
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    Well ive got her home. Epic journey, arn't they allways :pmsl:. Just need to make some friends with people who are good with cars :incheek:. As i'm not the greatest. Really need to get her running so i can move her. Allwas got a beer or a cuppa for anyone who helps me. I'll try and post some...
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    Hi any Dutch folk out there - am looking for some advice about RDW and shipping/inspections in Holland. Will PM if ok. So where are the 'crazy Dutch'? Cheers Dave
1-6 of 6 Results