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    HELLO rodders i think this is a ace song to drive your rod with if u cant beat it add it to the thread
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    I suppose it's kind of a mix between a competition and a game really. Either way I think it can turn into a bit of a laugh :D The idea is simple. Find something on Ebay that has a Buy it Now price of £20 or less and post the link to the item on here. Along with the link you'll need to put a...
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    well your art anyway... We're doing the artshow again and as usual we can't be doing it without things to show.. So any art, paintings, drawings, sketches, didgital art, photo's, pin striping, scuplture, airbrush etc you want to show off to the amased throng would be appreciated......we may...
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    Maybe i am missing something here that somebody could clear up. We are attending the main event at the pod and thought about going straight to billing ready for the fun run,so rang billing and got told £26 per night (electric pitch) i ask about the NSRA member discount of £5 per night and was...
  5. The Shelf
    I seem to remember the original Airfix kits were in a clear plastic bag with a paper folded over the top which was also the assembly instructions? I used to get mine from Woolworths in Leytonstone when I was a kid.They were 1s 6d at the time! These are the ones I remember..MK1 Cortina in...
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    Name five celebrities that you just can't stand, in no particular order and not giving much thought heres mine, there are plenty more but these spring to mind. It goes without saying that we all have politcians we hate so leave them out. Geremy Clarkson Chris Moyles Gordon Ramsey Jonathon...
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    just larking around this morning. the ugly one is Jack otherwise known as Redbeard from the scavengers.
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    not my thing, but a bit of fun history:incheek:
  9. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Today was a fun day Al Reed is in town on one of his romantic visits to see his US based young lady. He announced to me the other night he had bought a new toy and asked if i would run him over to New Smyrna beach to collect it.....of course....her are some pics, a great day was had by all as...
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    Had a little bit of local snow so went out playing in my Disco. There was a stretch of about quater of a mile long that was about 2 ft deep in most places and drifts up to 3 ft. I just went for it but luckily it wasnt compacted and was very powdery which was fun till i hit a very...
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    And a Merry Christamas to you all...
  12. On Topic
    great set of pics here............. dosnt say anything here about me pushing the car liam? Sid.
  13. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    fun race car !! with history Tiki munki mk1 will be for sale at the hot rod drags x dorset horn chassis pop front end sherpa rear weld lite spindle mount front wheels smoothies rears 29 /10 x 15 slicks jaz fuel tank engine bored .5 mm pinto , skimmed head , mild port , worked valves , race...
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    Sorry Al, I couldnt resist :D
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    A mate just got a new cam and thought i would be doin something useful so he could try it out, i wasn't but he took some pic's anyway....Since u can see me now give a shout at show's or anythin this forum has been really friendly. waitin for garage to open up. my fav i think
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    Finally realised the perks of owning a website :D Just got back from Millbrook Proving Grounds after taking the new Golf Mk6 GTi for a thrash :D Volkswagen UK got in touch (through one of my other websites Volkstorque) a few weeks ago and asked if me and another forum user would like to come...
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    Awesome weather and great cars :)
  18. On Topic
    Some Billing Fun Run 2009 photos - first up my passengers...
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    Just a reminder to all the artists who have expressed an interest in exhibiting art at Billing.... Yep it's still on Yep we want your stuff I will be at Billing some time on Friday can recognise me as I'm the short bloke with the Red A roadster who'll be fighting with the...
  20. On Topic
    This guy knows how 2 hav fun, and has a really nice car as well. I hope 2 build 1 in a year or so its planning out now....:D ENJOY!
1-20 of 21 Results