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  1. Tech Discussion
    just got a new set of plugs for my 305ci small block chevy/performer manifold dual point etc, what gap would you reccomend 0.35 ? or go a bit wider ? Jack
  2. Tech Discussion
    just a quick one i have a mallory dual point dizzy on a 305ci chevy what gap would you reccomend gonna do plugs and points if the weather gets above freezing. guessing this should be in tech
  3. Chat
    Watford Gap services and that little road that passes it are 50 today. The telly and radio people had taken over the north bound side when I was there about eight this morning, plus a display of Bikes and a sales booth from the Ace Cafe. And all I wanted was a Jimmi Ridle and a bar of...
1-3 of 3 Results