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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi Guys and Girls, I'm after either a workshop or some form of car storage facility in the Ipswich area that i can put my project car into and be able to work on it during the inclament weather. Ideally i would like something that i can get access to anytime within reason to work on the car, and...
  2. The Garage
    :D yep the normal car rebuild not fastest but damn im happy Brought this of my frined who i brought the moggie of on ebay as same may of seen its a 1974 mk3 cortina Ghia four door when i brought it, it had already started its transformation put paul then well worked and got lazy and it got...
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    5 litre tins in light grey. i've got a few of these left over. £15 each. It's a light grey colour floor paint suitable for garages. Not really suitable for industrial or commercial use, but good enough for a home garage. Collection from Peterborough. Here is some modelled in my garage:
  4. Stuff - WANTED
    Stil looking for a garage in South East London, ideally Camberwell or Peckham. Happy to buy, rent or share. Anyone?
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    As new 200 amp Tig welder, only been used for practice, therefore still like brand new :tup: comes with all the bits & bobs.... £170.00................... "Sold" Clarke 25 ton press, vgc...good working order. £150.00................. "Sold" 4 x 6 x 15 alloy wheels, Ford 5 stud, suit Mk 2...
  6. Chat
    Don't know whether this should be here or in the History topic, but here's something that will be of interest. Just remeber to look at all 4 pages: :cool::smoke:
  7. Stuff - FOR SALE
    ok guys here is some stuff i have for sale ... to make sure you understand guys will have to arrange shipping costs over the price of the item.. i will help as much as possible..:tup: the second thing is i live in scotland between glasgow and edinburgh.. and you can call me on the mobile...
  8. Chat
    Its a bit of mad house in doors so ive come in the garage to prep my car for a show. Ive got a nice bottle of cold beer on the go, the Radio is on and finaly ive got some piece. Tell ya what sometimes its the only place to relax for me. So who else out there finds them selves in same boat??
  9. The Garage
    I know this is meant for Projects but cant start mine without a workshop to do it. So can anyone help me out Shared workshop space or Garage to rent in this area required a.s.a.p 07952 777390. Steve.
  10. Stuff - WANTED
    I have just moved into Fareham/Portsmouth area and looking for a place to build my 33 Willys as i have no Garage at home can anyone help or does anyone want to share a workspace or has anyone got a relation, friend etc with empty garage that would rent. Thanks for any help on this. 07952...
  11. The Showroom
    some of what i have in my garage bought the 55 from orig owner in 84 $850 got thenomad in 81 396/4spd $2500 3rd revamp started the willys in 81 all steel 440/auto 47 ford is my daily for now 351/auto dropped axle 9inch waiting in wings 55 cameo 70 t/am 57 ford delivery still cant resist a project
  12. Stuff - FOR SALE
    NOT "FOR SALE" - BUT "FOR RENT". Space in a Shared garage north Manchester, end of M66 area. This is a proper industrial unit in a semi rural town. Space for yank / rod / storage etc. Long term preffered. Shared with 5 similar minded enthusiasts. This is not a business (but is in a...
  13. Stuff - WANTED
    pictures of old garages / petrol stations wanted for private collection .thanks for looking :bigsmile: spider
  14. The Garage
    must have this in the right section surely:lol:. after 7 long years with no garage to speak of, the bank has said yes to a re-morgage and i can finaly start buiding my new home.. i meen garage:tup: my plans were passed almost 3 years ago, ive a big yard (old school play ground)so i stuck plans...
  15. On Topic
    Hi All, The following few pics are supposed to be of one of my workshops, this workshop i share with my neighbour. As you can see it is no longer a workshop and now just garage/storage. Sorry if the pics are a bit dark but it is like an army assault course just to try and get to the light...
  16. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Well, hopefully this isn't too off-topic! Old Prestcold fridge: Model 431 Ser. No.85134 Cool, rounded sort of 50s shape. Worked when taken out of the office a good few years ago, but has been sitting in my conservatory ever since. No door on the ice box. Would look great black and flamed -...
  17. Chat
    Got this from another site but well worth watching especially how the driver gets out the car once its in the garage........
  18. Chat
    if you are bored with your plain garage door or you want to impress/bore your neighbours try this ttfn glenn
  19. Chat
    What garage do you fill up in :shock:.................................:shock: Bob....
  20. Chat
    Hiya, I'm in Harlow and i'm looking for a MOT garage who will be sympathetic to my 1949 Ford Anglia. Obviously your normal run of the mill garage won't know quite what to make of him! Any points in the right direction will be much appreciated. :D Thanks.
1-20 of 57 Results