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  1. Tech Discussion
    So when fitting new gaskets do you fit them dry or smear a thin layer of sealant of your choice on the heads and cover first ? I'm just fitting new gaskets to a Rover V8 and was going to use a little blue hylamar to seat the gasket in place, before fitting the cover. Good idea or bad idea ...
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    .... Also, Chrome Dress-Up Kits for your V8, Race wear, Gauges, Lubricants, Power Adders etc. Come and browse at our ever-increasing stock, lots more on the way. Topspeed Parts Just 3 weeks 'till we race !!!!
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    wanted a pair of collector gaskets where the header meets the exhaust for a 305ci chevy please. 3 1nch inner diameter 3 1/2 inch hole centre to hole centre for bolts Jack
  4. On Topic
    Best type??? After several grueling trips to the end of the drive & back & a couple of mamoth voyages round the block, one of the manifold gaskets started blowing. The manifolds are cast rams-horn type and are flat. The gasket was an el-cheapo swap-meet buy. I don't want to be doing this...
1-4 of 4 Results