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    ive just put my gasser up for sale its on ebay item number 330368746883. may px or deal.
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    Hi I am trying to find any info on a mark 2 ford consul which was a burgundy colour and had a high on gas sticker on it, it had ladder bars 10 bolt chevy rear, gasser stance nosecone white roof and a v6 chevy lump, slots mag on the rear with micky T's, and centerlines ont he front, if anyone...
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    Some famous old gassers at fremont. Cool!
  4. Chat
    Does anyone know who drives a white gasser 'round the Eastbourne area, it's got a moon tank up front, I only caught a quick glimps and it looked a bit like a Chevy butI have been told via Holmseys site that it could be a Humber Hawk and the guys a member of Rods'n'sods,any ideas? Nige: :tup:
  5. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    The Jumpin' Jalapeno 1961 Ford Falcon 2 door sedan gasser is for sale. The car is now fully roadworthy and has an MOT and tax. The engine is a 450hp Ford 351 Cleveland 351c aussie block 351c 2v heads Boss crank and shot peened rods Flat top pistons edelbrock performer cam roller rockers...
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    Thanks to Lou (honky tonkin) ,martin , mike and some bloke called vince , for joining in my impromptu photo shoot ! A BIG , BIG thanks to Edd Weeks for these shots ! :D
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    Just a thought.... Does anyone actually have a Gasser that has good steering....? EG : No bump steer...?, No tyre wear...?, NO wheel shimmy If so, what or how is it set up, and what car is it...? This has been driving me NUTS, I have been looking at Vince-305's car for a while, and I have a...
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    as anyone got any pics of gasser wagons.loon on here is going 2 build a amazon wagon gasser and i have not seen many estate gassers.thanks
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    Now that i have sold my amazon im now looking at a new project, iv had a low in the weeds amazon and a roof choped amazon now im looking at going sky high gasser, but my question is do i go for a straight tube or keep the origonal double A arm setup? the reason i ask is because iv seen both and...
  10. The Garage
    after doing 13,000 miles (ina year) in this pretty much stock 100e,(after two engine changes, oops) i decided to build what ive always wanted to do, a gasser, so sold the yellow crock i had as a un-finished project kept alot of parts. , I only realy started work last week, here it i sso far...
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    1959 F100/f250 gasser project, good cab with repair panels (Rare custom cab with wrap around rear window), new windscreen, good doors ,pick up bed, bonnet, wings etc , 9" axle, I beam front with new king pins/brakes etc, 2 torque thrusts to fit front, Box section for chassis included, dodge van...
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    Just got word that the Gasser legend Chuck Finders has passed today. RIP Chuck,
  13. The Garage
    Well just thought id add my car here so that i can update the pics as and when i take them Some may know that i had a lil issue concerning my steering so while it was off the road i thought id try n do something about it Thanks to the advice i was given a while ago (Thanks Langy & Kev) i...
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    Just a word of thanks to Tim Bowman for hosting the first get together at the gasser cave today. Good turnout of Tri Chevies and even the odd Mopar crept in under the radar. Great venue, great company and looking forward to the next one already. Good to put faces to usernames. Thanks...
  15. The Showroom
    My ride, 1961 Ford Falcon GASSER!, sorry about the amount of pix, but I luuurve my GASSER! :pmsl: :tup: :smoke:
  16. The Showroom
    Well here's my car 1959 ford consul, sbc,th350 trans, ford 9" rear axle with granada calipers, ladder bars, 8pt cage, straight tube axle with 4 pot calipers, modiefied transit stubs, mk4 zephyr hubs, mk3 transit front leaf springs, spax front and rear (rear being coil overs) It has 10x15...
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    I picked one of these up in Asda the other day ... well I thought it was cool :crazy:
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    Gasser's gasser's gasser's just thought i'd get the ball rolling