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  1. Tech Discussion
    i have a 62 impala 283, when i put it in to park it sounds like it grates does anyone know why this is.
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Complete running gear from a 56 International Pickup showing 62k miles believed genuine Running Silver Diamond 3.6L 220 ci Engine (needs a core plug available form Raock auto in the States) 3 speed manual with over drive Prop Shaft Rear axle - no leafs Front I-beam on parallel leafs RHD...
  3. Tech Discussion
    (only in this section cus its not hot rod related) Hi all, I have a citroen c1 (dont laugh) .... as my driving instructor car ... the gear change is stiff when cold, and sometimes you really have to force 1st gear to even get it in. ... but when it warms up its much better. My initial thought...
  4. Stuff - WANTED
    amps speakers subs ,, wot you got kicking about ?????
  5. Tech Discussion
    I was driving home and from the time I pulled away the auto box would not shift beyond 2nd gear. Then after about 5 minutes it shifted to 3rd and was fine for the rest of the drive. I had this happen about 6 months ago also. Any thoughts????
  6. Chat
    Top Gear is on at the moment on BBC 2, but don't despare because "LAMBING LIVE" is on after. Oh the BBC really know what people want.:shake:
  7. Chat
    Following on from the Top Gear thread I thought it would be fun in a ‘Mock the week’ kind of way to have a ‘things you would never hear a Top Gear presenter say’ thread. To get the ball rolling Clarkson ‘Yes it may have the prancing horse badge, be noisier than my ass after a vindaloo, be...
  8. Chat
    theres a buzz going round that top gear are looking for a rod ,,,, now is this a good thing or a bad thing ,,,,, this should be fun ,,,lol
  9. Stuff - FOR SALE
    2.0 pinto engine and 4 speed gear box, complete with webber carb, currenly sat in a kit car, starts and runs was used on road until late last year, Dont know much more then that. based in the south of Hampshire 150 pounds or 130 if you take it out yourself, i might even make a cup of tea.
  10. Stuff - WANTED
    wanted steering colomn switch gear for mk5 cortina i.e "stalks" for horn/wipers/lights etc
  11. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Hi all, I have for sale a Set of Running Gear from a 1989 Vauxhall Carlton 3.0 GSi 12V. It comprises of the 6 Cyl 12V Engine & 5 Speed "Getrag" Manual G/Box, (Still Bolted Together), which is still in its Front Cradle, with Suspension Legs, Hubs Discs, (New), etc still fitted. There is a Prop...
  12. Tech Discussion
    Anybody here running a Gear Vendors overdrive?
  13. Chat
  14. Chat
    Seasick Steve is the star in a reasonably priced car next on next Sundays Top Gear! It might help boost my frequent disappointment with the recent series. :)
  15. Chat
    Just watched Top Gear(I know you all hate it but it makes me laugh) and there was a guy on there who drew a Lincoln in Brooklyn from memory. I think his name was Stephen Middleton? Was this the guy who as a young lad was on TV with you many years back drawing from memory?
  16. Freebies
    you know them things to pump oil into your gearbox.... old thing, needs a bit of fettling to make good but might be of use for someone as a display piece etc, or to use as its purpose?. stands about 2ft tall, round, and has the remains of "esso" stickers on it. any use?.... again religion...
  17. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi All, As it says above, I need the gear linkage cable or rods from a B&M click shift to the TH350 gearbox. Are these expensive new and does anyone know where I can get them, if not I would be happy with a good secondhand set. Cheers, Stu.
  18. Tech Discussion
    A friend of mine has recommended that when I come to paint the running gear on my pop for a nice finish I should use "chassis black" with a small amount of hardener in it so it doesn't take an age for it to dry. He said that instead of undersealing the car I could paint it with that too. My...
  19. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I am about to install a new 302 into my MK1 Zodiac and thought I might advertise the old running gear on here, I did promise the lot to a guy who was going to fit it into his Mk1 Consul, but he has just been made redundant so his plans have naturally been put on hold. These are the details...
  20. Stuff - FOR SALE
    saw this on e.bay not mine but rear
1-20 of 34 Results