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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hi there,my first post so hello every body! be gentle lol I have just bought my first "proper rod", a 63 Mk3 Zephyr with a rover v8, Type 65 3 speed box. I'm off to collect the car on Sunday as I was chatting with the guy who owns it he said i might want to look into lowering the gearing a...
  2. Tech Discussion
    could some maths expert work my gearing out for me? got a mk2 ford consel rear end which is 4.11 i believe and i want to run 8.20 crossplys on the rear that are 28" tall i believe i'm wanting to know what rev's the V4 will be pulling in top.... what other info do you need to work this out? hope...
  3. Tech Discussion
    can someone id this for me please ?? i need to know if its a 4 or 6 cylinder box if poss, im thinking its a 4 pot box as the bolt on gear change thingy looks different to the 6 cylinder one i had...
1-3 of 3 Results