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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hi everybody, Anyone have any knowledge on front suspension swaps for a second generation econoline? I'm just about to pick up my latest project which is the van and first thing on the list is a front suspension upgrade. I could stick with the twin I beam and fit disc brakes which maybe the...
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I've downgraded the restoration dreams for my Iroc from an expensive, thorough project to just getting the damn thing done ASAP! Need cash for a respray and I've decided on the bits I don't need so here goes... A TPI set up off a 1988 Iroc-z. Included is plenum, runners (one set has a couple...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Anyone carried out a LS1 Chevy transplant ? Did you run stand alone engine management/after market loom OR doner car parts? Have joined a couple of LS1 American sites but be handy to have some first hand experience from over here. Any advise much appreciated :tup:
  4. Tech Discussion
    Hi guys anyone know anything the handbrake cant seem to get it to bite on drivers side it drags really heavy on pass side before the other side works any clues? NEED TO GET IT TO MOT STANDARD .
  5. Tech Discussion
    Hello, Amateur mechanic needing help. I am installing a B&M Megashifter in my 78 trans am that has a 3 speed TH350 auto. First of all has anybody out there fitted one of these to a 2nd gen with a TH350? If so what did you do with regard to the steering column lock as the instructions are very...
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    Hello, Im after a 78 trans am drivers seat (in black cloth) or the adjuster rail that you bolt to the car. If any has one please get in touch. Thank you. Steve.
  7. On Topic
    Here's a link to some of the modified 5th gens at SEMA this year Cheers.....Nige
  8. Stuff - WANTED
    Had a tidy up and managed to loose the roll bar links and U shaped brackets that hold the roll bar to the clip. Anyone got these bits knocking around? Ta, P.:D
  9. Tech Discussion
    I have a '69 Camaro with factory tach and cannot get it to work with either stock points setup or MSD6 using the MSD tach output. I cannot find the mythical 'filter' that MSD refer to so guess it's gone already. Needle goes to 1000rpm with ign on and engine not running, stays there even when...
1-9 of 9 Results