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    my car is a vauxhall cresta 3.3 pc deluxe,im new to this sort of car so what would you call it?.....streetrod? ratrod?.....or just a vauxhall cresta with a flame paint job????
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    classic-- two ronnies morcombe and wise
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    i was at college today and one of my old tutors give me this he found it in the stores amongst some crap when they rebuilt a roll royce merlin out of a mosquito in the aero department its a throttle linkage of some sort he i knew how much you love old planes and you might be able to use it on...
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    After 39 years, Tenn. man reunites with stolen Corvette in Scottsdale...
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    ... so I apologise if i'm a grumpy git and start banning people for no reason :incheek: Not set a date yet but I reckon it will be in just over a week. Anyone else going through the quitting process at the mo ? Anyone stopped recently ? Did a carbon monoxide reading at the stop smoking...
1-5 of 5 Results