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  1. Tech Discussion
    Can I use laminated glass for the windscreen of the Vicky or does it have to be toughened? My old Coupe had laminated all round but I know the regs have changed since then! :cry:
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    hi guys im after a 23 pick-up rear trunk in glass that i can get glassed to a main body if you have one for sale or know where i can get one please let me know, thanks in advance charles
  3. Freebies
    windscreen, rear screen and rear side glass (2 door) 2.8 engine out of a mustang 2, carb to pan never had it running 3 port heads in cumbria pick it up its yours.
  4. On Topic
    he every one i was just reading something and found out that in the August and Sept 2007 issue of custom car mag, theres an article about how to steel out a fibre glass body to give it somemore rigidity, if not too cheeky a quetion, would it be at all possible for someone if you have the...
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I have a 28/29 pickup cab (flatback style) with a visor and double skinned doors (4 seperate pieces) for sale, I would describe it as a slight cosmetic second and was keeping it for myself but a change in plans (again:sniff:) means it has to go. Give me £450 for it and I'll chuck in a grill...
  6. Tech Discussion
    Can it be cut?? or does anyone know if you can get a laminated screen for a Classic ford Consul/Capri??
  7. Tech Discussion
    Hi Guys...not sure if this is the right area to post this but can anyone help? I'm thinking of replacing my side glass with plexi glass/acrylic (having a senior moment, I'm sure it's called something else too but can't think!) in red , has anyone got any leads where I could find some. Cheers Kev
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
    glass 34 coupe body with doors and boot lid never used decent nick no idea of make . located in barnsley open to offers.
  9. On Topic
    As part of research we ( ACE ) have found a source of made to pattern correctly marked EC43 spec glass . There is a minimum order that will require probably 5 or 6 people to participate. If anyone is interested can they PM me and I'll put you onto the rodder who has found...
  10. Stuff - FOR SALE
    55 Chevy front & Rear Glass bumpers, vgc no cracks etc:£100 ono the pair. [email protected]
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    hi im after rear glass also ns/f os/f and ns/b and ofs/b
  12. Tech Discussion
    Hi Folks - Ian & Anne here (27T) We need to get glass cut for the front screen. What do we need to ask for? Toughened? Laminated? Frosted?! How thick? Anybody got any other info we need to know about? Thanks as always Ian & Anne What do we need to keep the MOT man happy?... It's a...
  13. Chat
    I was reading about a new product out in the next couple of months that may help all us guys and cars. Here's the link I am going to give it a try seems cheap and may be better...
  14. Stuff - WANTED
    howdy .... any one selling or knows where to get a glass o/s front wing for a 56 mk1 zephyr six from:?:......
  15. Tech Discussion
    Hi... Just noticed a two inch crack in my rear side window, they are not winders, they are fixed in place with silicon. Dont how it has happened because the glass is new, is there anything that can be done with this? I know with perspex you can drill a hole but not sure with glass. Can anyone...
  16. Stuff - WANTED
    as above i'm after good glass front doors and boot for a mk2 consul. no panic just thought i'd ask, neil. 07718 339011.
  17. Vehicles - WANTED
    :tup::tup:looking for a glass rod with roof for everydayer engine not important around 6500 or under pictures to [email protected] thanks jo
  18. Stuff - WANTED
    hi all, i need some flat glass cut, i have cracked glass for a template and i am in newcastle. any help will be appreciated! thanks all [email protected] 08008247641 please PM me or call or e-mail. i may miss a message on here!
  19. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I have the side window glass for both doors from my 1970 Chevy Nova two door. £40 or swap for lexan / plexiglass/ acrylic ones, also looking for plastic screen and fibreglass bonnet and front bumper. Des email [email protected] tel 01484 421311 work hours.
  20. Chat
    Hi All, This is a bit strange as it is nothing to do with cars hence in the chat section, I need to find somewhere in the Peterborough area that is able to cut glass. I have a display cabinet with a broken shelf and a broken glass panel, I need these replacing, it houses my hotwheels collection...
1-20 of 38 Results