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  1. Tech Discussion
    My missus car a 90 Golf mk1 Cabriolet has developed some odd issue when trying to start it. Symptoms are this: Turn the key and the engine turns albeit a little slow sounding then there is a brief pause then Vroom its off and running, its like the initial turn of the crank builds up a load of...
  2. Chat
    Now i'm not one for golf but if they have one of these at my local pitch and putt i reckon i could get in to it!
  3. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    For sale MK1 Golf GTi 1.8 8v Karman Rivage Cab, 91 "J" Plate (one of the last MK1 cabs) 2 owners from new, Only covered 12000 miles from new, beautiful Oak green exterior with cream leather interior, matching tonneau cover, black mohair roof, very original unrestored example, completely...
  4. Chat
    I have to admit it when the Masters at Augusta is on TV I have to put everything off for the weekend.Same for all the other majors.
  5. Chat
    Lot of people seem to play golf, but I could never see the point, but I have had my attention drawn to ten reasons for playing golf rather than getting involved in some other sports.. View this with caution... there may be a few sharp intakes of breath... Darn it , that...
1-5 of 5 Results