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  1. Chat
    Google have an interactive Pacman game as their logo today to celebrate Pacman's 30th birthday ... wow that makes ya feel old eh :eek: Use your arrow keys...
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    How do I bookmark a new page? I await the ridiculously easy solution.
  3. On Topic
    Hi all Kinda on topic, now that google street view is done for most of the uk, anyone come across any rods on the road? Found mine on there...
  4. Chat
    Just happened to glance at an ad at the top of the forum page:shake:......salt water fishing something or other:tdown:..... bloody pisstakers:finger: I'M NOT INTERESTED IN FISHING....WRONG TYPE OF RODS:pmsl:
  5. Chat
    Is anyone else addicted to Youtube?.. I'll go looking for an old song and 2 days later walk away with eyes like KP Skips..:shock: So to save you guys the addiction heres Youtube in 4 minutes. Also try doing a google search for "find chuck norris" - click on first link:shake:
  6. Chat
    Follow the link to a street in Norway. There's 2 guys in diving gear sat reading the paper :D Click the arrow on the right to follow their journey down the street :D Link here
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    Is this any good and is it faster?
  8. Chat
    Maybe its having an off day, sure I spelt it right :beuj:
1-8 of 8 Results