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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I am thinking of doing a limited reprint run of an original AMERICAN GRAFFITI OFFICIAL FILM release poster. some in A4 size, AND SOME FULL SIZE. So i can get a good print rate and keep the cost to sell them as low as possible could you let me know if your interested. They come in the original...
  2. Chat
    Set your videos as American Graffiti is showing on TV tonight; ITV 02:05. Okay technically it's tomorrow as it's Sunday morning but you get the idea. :tup:
  3. On Topic
    Here is a Picture of the American graffiti Hot rod , It was taken in 1979 at Universal Studios were it was on a display that was promoting the second Film More American Graffiti , if you look in the back ground, you will see the rail dragster that also appeared in the film
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Should apologise for crap photography....I keep promising myself a new camera...but it's down the list of priorities!! Brand spanking new in their boxes...never opened! I probaly paid too much for them with shipping but I'm trying to get my money back. The American Graffiti diorama has Mels...
  5. The Shelf
    Hope Si lets me get way with this!:hug: I'm now about to list 4 lots of diecast for sale on the for sale bit!!!!:tup:
  6. On Topic
  7. On Topic
    Can anyone here identify this car from AG........... They'd called it a '68 Mk11 Cortina which its obviously not but what is it ??? Looks like a Toyoto Corolla to me......
1-8 of 8 Results