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    This is the reason why I'm not around too much lately Please welcome my 3rd grandchild Amy Louise,xxxxx:tup: Tina her mum had a little problem but she doing fine.. and Jamie her father cant get the smile off of his face I'll be staying low for a few more weeks while I show Amy off to the world...
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    Hi all just some pics of our new grandaughter Emme born today at 9pm,7lb 11oz chuffed to bits hav'nt seen her in the flesh yet,got to wait till tomorrow for that but she looks like she's as loud as the cob. :D
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    Have you ever wondered what the difference between Grandmothers & Grandfathers were? Well here it is: A friend, who worked away from home all week, always made a special effort to be with his family on the weekends. Every Sunday morning he would take his 7-year old granddaughter out for a drive...
1-4 of 4 Results