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    Nowt to do with cars at all, just a proud dad ... Ok, a little background to these. Last Thursday i was asked by the camera club to take my little studio setup down and show them how it worked and let them try a few shots with it. So i asked Amy my daughter if she fancied coming with me and...
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    Nice to meet some old and new face's today and here's a few blur's wot I took :incheek: Got my car a little damp on the way home :shake:
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    after seeing 53catalinas thread it gave me an idea :tup: your turns :tup:
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    been hearing this on the radio loads and lovin' it
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    I must admit The holiday in Mexico is one of the best we have been on. We have been lucky enough to have travelled quite a bit, and I think it's always good to have a bit of insight to where you are going, as the holiday brochures are full of cr*p, so where is the best place you have all been...
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    picture this it made me smile. I took my 7yr old daughter to the dentist today,as we walked through town holding hands having a laugh with each other,we got to the dentist and went through the door,the receptionist looked up at my little who was wearing pink and looking cute,then the...
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    With hindsight i'm wondering if I should have made the stickers a bit smaller :beuj:
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    It's a real shame there's no sound but I guess we should be grateful that somebody caught it on cine film :tup: I think Rog will probably enjoy it ... .
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    Apologies if this has been posted before but it made me laugh A V8 conversion for your daily that will put a big grin on your face :D .
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    Found this story whilst surfin' sites I've not been to for a while. Brilliant. :tup:
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    Hi all, just thought i'd share the name of a great insurance company:eek: they are R H classic american in essex ,01277 206911 they've just insured my new toy for £170 less than 'Flux' quoted me & for better cover :shock: they were friendly & pleasent to deal with, & i would...
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    Just seen an ad on tv for Peugeot 207. Thought it was funny. With lots of late model American cars singing. Cant figure out why they were all American cars though.
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    Ok stuff the government, the benefit grabbers, the extremists (assholes), why not look at what we do have, after all we have more history in Stratford on Avon then in the whole of the USA (please dont quote me on that). It may be difficult because we are a tiny island with not a lot going on...
  14. On Topic theres some fantastic old black and white pics of rods from the 40s and 50s on the above link:D
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    Some famous old gassers at fremont. Cool!
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    ...just read the description... :pmsl:
  17. What, Where, When ?
    As you may remember, Drag racing used to be an integral part of the Victory Wheelers Hot Rod Runs. It was a very sad day when it all ended, but now! we have racing back there as part of a three day event The Modified Madness Show 2009 on 11th 12th and 13th September with drag racing on the...
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    click on the site and just wait dont do anything
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    anyone doing the great north run this year. im doing it with my son this year, his first time so will be running with him (i hope) done it a few times in the past best time so far is 1hr 15mins. would have finished in the top ten in the womans race (had i worn a dress) and that was the year...
1-20 of 23 Results