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  1. What, Where, When ?
    right boys and girls its the monthly meeting at the bowling green pub in lichfield wednesday 19th may we had a good turn out last month lets see if we can have a few more this month :tup:
  2. On Topic
    a few pics from last night, enjoy..... steve humphries 39 aza's fantastic new coupe carrie's new pinto powered 31 truck, real nice!
  3. What, Where, When ?
    there,s still a die hard bunch who meet at the bowling green every third wednesday. it would be great to try and get it back to being as big as it was years ago when we had to park around the island because the car park was full! come on guys lets make it a good'n:tup: see you wed, mark
  4. On Topic
    Was going through Ashley Green near Chesham today, turned left and a yellow Consul or Zephyr pulled out - obviously V8 as it sounded great and left a load of rubber too:tup: Anyone know who that might be? I've never seen the car before....
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    Im just wondering what happened to my old unfinished vauxhall victor project that i sold in october 2008, the car was a pale green fd victor, reg no- 'CWP227H', It was standard looking inside and out except for being lowered over a set of vx4/90 rostyles. id mounted a rover sd1 v8 and manual box...
  6. On Topic
    Heres a few pics of our trip to the Offham Green yearly meet in Kent today. The weather was great and along with the classic cars, trucks, bikes, scooters, and steam there was rods and americans. An enjoyable day out and worth popping along next year in October...
  7. What, Where, When ?
    offham village (nr 7 mile lane) kent stumbled on this last year (thanx nigel) good mixture of just about everything from rods,classics,yanks,steam engines,scooters,classic bikes etc:stunned: no entry fee bar-b que,pub,real ale etc etc
  8. On Topic
    croxley green, rickmansworth, hertfordshire
  9. On Topic
    spotted this nr woking last Sunday built in peterburgh owner stays nr woking
  10. On Topic
  11. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    As the title said. rebuilt 327 sbc, TH350, 9" wilson welding brakes, ally I beam, Neil Tadman interior, paint done by paint box reciepts for over £40.000 need any more info? email at koop at or ring 0796 1122070 can ship worldwide sold
  12. Chat
    Or something equally strange ? Marians Rover is just about to run out of MOT so ,even though it needs only a tiny hole in the sill fixing, I can't be bothered. Now the strange thing is I'm actually feeling guilty about this ?? It's a 63k from new motor and drive superbly but I can get enough...
  13. Chat
    Does anyone know the date for this show this year - I keep meaning to go but never make it but.... I will make a concerted effort this year! BTW, Do I need to book? Should I Googly it?
1-14 of 14 Results