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  1. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED £14.95 inc P&P M, L, XL. Let me know if you're interested?!
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    hi all,as above really, i'm taking of the scoop & tunnel ram of my 64 parisienne & need to fill the hole in the bonnet left from the scoop. so condition not that important as i only need the middle bit. 64 catalina 64 parisienne pontiac gto or what have you got to help me, power bulge (muscle...
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    Wanted - pair if vent window assembly's for 65 GTO. Email: [email protected] cheers for ad Si, Mark
  4. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    Sorry Guys its not a Pontiac but a Mitsubishi 3000GTO, Its a 1997 last of this type, 3litreV6 24valve Auto with overdrive.63000miles, 4 Wheel Drive, Lenso 18"alloys ( Original alloys and tyres included) Air Conditioning/Climate, 6 way electric drivers seat,Folding Mirrors, One Uk owner(Me) for...
  5. The Garage
    Being a big Pontiac fan and owning a 69 Firebird i could not resist the temptation of a stacked headlight 65 so when this car came up on eurodragster only one thing stood in my way. Several pairs of shoes and some sparkly things sorted that and the deal was done. Some may remember this car...
  6. The Garage
    Many of you already know my car, but not many of you know how I made it what it is today. I have often been out and overheard people say things like...i wonder where he had that done or i wonder who built it for him. Well I have owned the car for about 5 years or there abouts and when I bought...
1-6 of 6 Results