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  1. Chat
    Hi all I love going to car shows but having a splitscreen have really only attended VW events, I'd like to broaden my horizon, see the light so to speak and start attending custom and hotrod shows. Where do you find the lists for them in your area? My youngest Son loves cars and photography...
  2. Chat
    my father in law is selling his 1 owner, hyundi coupe 1.6s 3dr, 04 plate only 6,000miles from new (what a waste) no service history as in the first year he only did 1.500 miles in it ... whats the book price please :tup:
  3. On Topic
    Are there any biva books for idiots out there , you know the ones , janet and john style , pictures and explainations would be cool. if not could you write one please kapri and i would buy it :D. or how about a section on here with pictures of your cars that have passed the test , brake pipe...
  4. Tech Discussion
    Does anyone have a guide for steering racks Eg total width, width between pivot points, main body width, amount of throw, lhd-rhd, power - non power and front or rear mounting ? Feel that something like this must be out there and if its not maybe we should get one sorted :tup:
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Anyone interested in a swop of a pair of Guide headlites for a pair of 33/34 Ford pk up commercial headlites .........Cheer`s Bri
1-5 of 5 Results