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  1. Chat
    Hi All, :D Just like to say a big thanks to Al "Hemi Bucket" for collecting my hydraulic body repair kit from "32chris" in Didcot. :tup: Quick efficient and reliable. :rule: What more can i say. Cheers. Russ.
  2. Chat
    It appears there was a pretty big power failure at the datacentre where our server is hosted at around 2:30 this morning. Apparently their issue is now resolved so we should be back and stable again :tup:
  3. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Not mine, Mike Morris (ex Fizzy Pop)
  4. On Topic
    Was tipped off by a guy at work. A program called American Hotrod the series is on everyday at 7pm on Quest (freeview channel 47). Cooooool. :cool: Tonight they were building a 56 Chevy but adding all the Bell-air trimmings. Now I'm gonna have to work out how that series linking thing works...
  5. Chat
    Temporary glitch. The server logs accidentally filled up the space of one of the partitions which led to those database errors. :pcnoob:
  6. The Garage
    hi , just thinking it would be nice if all you bike builders would show us your builds , cafe racers to quarter mile bum clenchers. It is nice to other stuff being built and as the sites says all welcome so please don't feel left out post them pictures. cheers vin :tup:
  7. Tech Discussion
    Can you put metal flake flakes in Smoothrite? :S
  8. On Topic
    Nice slideshow of some very cool period pictures ...
  9. Chat
    Apologies for the intermittent access this evening :pcnoob: I'm needing to play around with the server to sort out some settings and unfortunately every so often one of those tweaks either slows things down or drops the connection. Hopefully there won't be too many more occurrences :tup:
  10. What, Where, When ?
    Within this weekend's Public Track Day menu, Shakespeare County Raceway is also hosting a Ford Weekend with Sunday being the main day for class time trials (FWD, RWD & 4WD) sponsored for the first time by Coventry based engineering and tuning company Power Torque Racing...
  11. Chat
    Ive been trying to sell my ford pop seems like a nice project the only thing is it has no v5 where is the chassis number on pops ? Im keeping now though i have a job finally yay:tup:
  12. On Topic
    ....kinda graphic warning on using a make-do part . Full thread here... .
  13. Chat
    I've got back from the Nats, showered had a meal that included green stuff. I have had one of the best Nationals ever and it didn't happen by accident. The guys and gals and the club members that help them work tirelessly on our behalf and still find time to have a laugh and joke with the...
  14. On Topic
    Anyone who works in a bodyshop going to the nats, i need some advice, !
  15. History Archive
    Ok Girls Enjoy.......... ......... Bob..........:roll:
  16. Chat
    Anyone know if this is a vw colour? if so name or code???? my trucks crying out for it!!!!
  17. Tech Discussion
    Been told a local Ford agent, that the electric steering pump has gone west on the 55 Ford focus daily run-about, got a second hand one from a salvage company, as the pumps from Ford are £400.00+ Fitted the pump, filled with fluid (£18.00 per ltr) & the bloody is still not working, check all...
  18. Chat
    Hiya, Apologies. I've just got to (had to depending on when you read this) reboot the server after installing some software. Sorry for the lack of notice.
1-18 of 18 Results