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  1. Chat
    As most people know, I enjoy getting out to shows, taking a few snaps and generally talking shite. Here's a few cars that caught my eye. Some appeal to me, some don't so much, but similar to rods, I can appreciate the dedication that goes into them. Nice little Austin Van, young kid owned it...
  2. Chat
    Gentleman, you have gotta lend an ear or two to this alternate version of 'Dig that Boogie' - its wild
  3. History Archive
  4. History Archive
    Not as historical as some of the stuff here but my memory doesn't go back that far. The show was at Drywood Hall School, Worsley near Manchester. Nice local show ran between 97 and 2001 (I think) never got much mag coverage.
  5. On Topic
    It is with great sadness that I have to report that Jim Hall has died. Jim was instrumental in starting the NSVA in this country,and was the clubs first chairman,and all round nice guy. He was also involved with inshore power boats and anything with an Alfa engine. He will be missed by everyone...
  6. History Archive
    New improved website for B.D.R.H.O.FAME.
  7. On Topic
    This is mostly a classic show but with a good turnout of American cars and a smattering of rods. Some nice bikes too. Here's the highlights. This 'Cuda was flawless- Remember Ken Tipler's '62 Impala lowrider? this is his latest, nice isn't it I know nowt about bikes, but these ones...
  8. On Topic
    Hi all. We arrived a bit late to this show near Sheffield. Weather wasn't so good which was a shame as it was a cracking show last year. I was ready to spend lots of money on Ford junk but the traders were lacking. :sniff: We just took a few photos which may be of interest to some.
1-8 of 8 Results