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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi i am after a nice sign to fit on the back of my fire truck camper that says caution Left Hand Drive i dont want a stick on one.I was thinking a stainless steel on lazer cut ? it needs to be 9inc wide by 8inc or maybe a cast iron one needs to be seen Any help offers to make one please of...
  2. Tech Discussion
    A long sory but we have a Volvo axle on our 34' Ford. To save space etc and be to clever for own own good we have a foot/parking braked mechanism from a Mercedes. The one which has the lever under the steering wheel to release. What we want to do is put the old hand braked lever without the...
  3. Tech Discussion
    I know I have seen a link somewhere for a company that made an after market kit for fitting a hand brake function on rear disc brake calipers that didn't have this originally. The kit was real simple and made it possible to operate the calipers brake pads with a wire. It was not an additional...
  4. Tech Discussion
    After 2 months I finally found time to go in the garage this morning for an hour to try and sort the timing on the Chevy (the timing marks on the bottom pulley are wrong). I've removed the plugs and I'm going to turn the engine by hand to reach TDC (using a piece of wire through the plug hole...
  5. Chat
  6. Stuff - WANTED
    im looking for a rack to use the innards out of on my dart, i intend to make the housing from billet ali so i only need the internals, anything will help, if it all works i will invest in new internals but dont want to spend a fortune if i cant make it do what i want it to.
  7. Chat
    Ok so here it is could you guys and girls put the true meaning of these short hand phrases on this thread as i don't know what alot of them mean , i then spend a while thinking of what they could mean:beuj: bttt:beuj: bump:beuj: you know the kind of thing :tup:
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Ok heres something not offered every day but i bought this from an antique shop some twenty five years ago as a present for my late mother in law as her dream was a holiday in a real Gypsy caravan touring Ireland, sadly now back with us and we just don't have the room, this is not built from a...
  9. Chat
    right simple question , i am bored now and i am only a week and half into what could turn into a twelve week stint with my broken wrist, i have looked through this site several times and i must say while it is good you guys with projects need to get in the garage and get some more work done as...
  10. Chat
    Evening all. Can someone please remind me how I clear the addresses in my address bar as I seem to have inadventantly wandered onto a rather fruity site via a link in the Volkzone "Epic Boobs" thread, I don't even know how I got there to begin with... It's worth a look if you get a spare day or...
  11. Freebies
    pics are here:- your for postage, not sure how much that might be but i soemone wnts it i'll go and ask Postman Pat what he thinks lol
1-11 of 11 Results