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    hi i was just wondering what would happen IF u welding up a diff what would happen if u was reversing at a 90 degree turn in to a parking space as the wheels would be locked would you be burning rubber (wheel spinning) now think lol also where do you get the Sclips that sits in the diff a...
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    if this has been asked tell me if not please no slating the nsra as that is not my intention. let me start by saying i aint a rodder per sey but i like a modded motor i am primariley a drag racer aways will be. my q is this with the semi withdrawall from the nsra site and membership (i aint a...
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    What happen to John Baldacchino? John and I was friend back in 70s, where we both had ford Anglia's his was a saloon with a 1340cc in it and I had a Anglia van soon after that he too got himself a Anglia van And of course after that he went in to the big time with Hot 'n' Bothered...
1-3 of 3 Results