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    ........ no show reports or pix for ages ?????
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    Got called in for a last minute jaunt round Europe on Monday (I'm writing this in Berlin) and wound up with about 4 hours to pack and get myself from Norwich to Rye to hop on a bus , not funny when its a 3.5 hour run on a good day and I was in Lowestoft when the call came :tdown: So there I am...
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    i wants me a v8 ,best i start selling things :D
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    after reading queen best band ever i thought about the best thing that has happened to the music scene in my lifetime. in my opinion the best thing that happened to music was in 1976,the birth of punk rock.up until then the music scene was bland and too comercial,groups like mud...
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    As the title says. I will add more if theres any interest or anybody else can if they want:tup:
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    was looking at his old 34 vicky in custom car as it has resurfaced with fenders and is now matt black, whatever happened to andy?
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    What happened next a clue they are at a Mels Diner:tup:
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    I am wondering what happened to Dorset Horn? Where was it from (Dorset I would guess, but where in Dorset?) and does it still exist? Any shots of it would be cool too.
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    ..the eye opener that many have been waiting for . Proof of logbooks being lost on high profile cars for modifications. This is now out in the public domain and ACE has been helping this case in the...
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    there must have been hundreds built around this time, what happened to them all, did they get rebuilt or are there many lurking in garages.
1-12 of 13 Results